Network Sysops

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Network Sysops are Ballmedia users who are tasked with clearing up vandalism across the Ballmedia Network. They have the same amount of rights generally granted to administrators (excluding changing user rights) and may only use them to clean up vandalism across the network.



To become a Network Sysop, a user must:

  • Have had an account on Miraheze for at least 3 months.
  • Have 2FA (2-factor authentication) enabled on their account, as they may be targets of bruteforces.
    To enable 2FA on your account, click here.
  • Have contributed to a Ballmedia project in a significant way.
  • Request the right on Requests for Network Rights.
    A user may also be nominated on that same page but is still subject to all other applicable rules.
  • Allow at least 2 weeks to pass.
  • Receive at least 7 unique votes from accounts which are not sockpuppets.
  • Receive a support ration of at least 60%.

The Network Director may exercise discretion and override community consensus to avoid a new Network Sysops from being appointed. In these cases, the Director may be overridden if a majority of 60% of Consuls votes to override the Director.

Network Sysops may also be appointed by Network Consuls if at least 60% of the consuls agree.


A Network Sysop may have their rights revoked if:

  • They misuse their rights.
  • They are excessively rude and uncivil.
  • The Network Sysop has not contributed to Ballmedia significantly in 3 months.
  • The community starts a vote of no confidence.
    Consuls as a group may initiate a vote of no confidence. While a vote of no confidence created by an ordinary user would not result in immediate effects, a vote of no confidence made by the Consul group as a whole would result in immediate demotion while the process runs its course.

The Network Director may exercise discretion and demote a Network Sysop for any reason stated above but may be overridden if a majority of 60% of Consuls vote against the decision.

Votes of no confidence

The community may start a vote of no confidence against a Consul for any of the reasons stated above on Requests for Network Rights. For a vote of no confidence to be successful:

  • At least 10 unique, non-sockpuppet users must vote.
    These users must have contributed to any Ballmedia project for at least a month and must have at least 50 meaningful edits.
  • A threshold of 50% votes in favor for demotion must be reached.

A Network Director may decline to demote a Network Sysop if they believe the vote has been done in bad faith or improperly.

If a majority of Consuls decide to start a vote of no confidence, the Network Sysop in question will be demoted until the vote of no confidence finishes. Votes of no confidence started by Consuls are in no way different than regular votes of no confidence except that the Network Sysop in question is demoted. Votes of no confidence made by Consuls are subject to the same rules outlined above and may be voted by all Ballmedia users.


Network Sysops are tasked with the responsibility of helping combat vandalism across the Ballmedia network. While they are granted most of the rights a local administrator has, unless they have local rights, they may not use their rights to intervene in local debates and to resolve local issues that are unrelated to vandalism.

Network Sysops must forward all requests that fall beyond their scope to the Network Consuls who will resolve the issue.

Reverting Network Sysop actions

In the case in which the local administration or community believes a Network Sysop has done an action in error, local administrators may revert it once and inform the Network Sysop why their action was reverted. If the Network Sysop decides to redo the action, they must provide a reason why in their edit/log summary and inform any administrator who left them a message stating why the Network Sysop's action was reverted (if applicable). If the administration or community does not agree with this action, they may appeal to the Network Consuls but may not revert the action and engage in a wheelwar. The Network Consuls will then decide whether the action was appropriate or not and render a decision within no more than 24 hours.

List of current Network Sysops