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Here is a list of all Polandball-affiliated wikis on Miraheze according to WikiStats:

The wikis on this page are separated into 3 categories: Ballmedia Wikis (wikis administered by Ballmedia staff and under Ballmedia's jurisdiction), partnered Wikis (wikis that are not administered by Ballmedia staff, but that have ties of some kind), and non-Ballmedia Wikis (potential members of Ballmedia and targets for admission). Each category has 2 sections: Developed Wikis and Developing Wikis.

There is a particular category for "dead wikis" (wikis with no userbase, inactive admins and mods, no edits, and on the verge of being closed and deleted after 6 months according to Miraheze's Dormancy Policy).

Ballmedia Wikis


Developed wikis

Developing wikis

Partnered Wikis

Developed wikis

Non-Ballmedia Wikis

Developed wikis

Developing wikis (the wikis on this list can become dead wikis)

Dead wikis