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Ballmedia Central is the main page for the Ballmedia Foundation, a non-profit organization with a ranging community of ball-related wikis on Miraheze, with over 13,000 articles and 1,500,000 edits across all wikis.

Network Council[edit source]

The members of the Network Council are Network Sysops and Network Consuls. The head of the Network Council is the Network Director, which are elected for a 6-month term.

List of Network Directors
# Director Wiki Incumbency
0 File:Agent Isai-icon.png Agent Isai (temp) 404-icon.png ??? October 3, 2021 - Present
List of Current Network Consuls
Consul Wiki Incumbency
Denatidum-icon.png Denatidum PCB-icon.png PCB October 3, 2021
Schzoacc-icon.png SchizoACC 404-icon.png ??? October 3, 2021
List of Current Network Sysops
Sysop Wiki Incumbency
Realjanx-icon.png Realjanx Poland-icon.png PBW October 3, 2021