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The Small Polandballs Wiki is the smaller version of the Polandball Wiki, the meaning of "smaller version" is cities, towns, villages, or islands less than 100K population. The wiki was founded by Gunnar Foss on September 26, 2020.


The wiki was proposed around September 25, an idea made by the user called Gunnar Foss. however the wiki for this was not chosen yet, he wanted to be an encyclopedia for all less than 100K population areas because Polandball Wiki does not allow these less than 100k population areas.

On September 26 2020, The proposal name was chosen "Small Polandballs Wiki" as this was suggested by Mtcat101, leading the creation of the wiki and start of activity. This also led the creation of the County Polandball Wiki 1 day later.

On October 2020, The edit activity rate started slowing down. As Gunnar Foss wanted the wiki more active, he did not announce this, and the activity rate still went down.

On March 2021, Small Polandballs Wiki's sister wiki, County Polandball Wiki was confirmed dead by a user called Newfounland Mapper, also known as Ross.

On August 11 2021, The wiki evacuated to Miraheze due to the Polandball Wiki closure by Fandom. The Small Polandballs Wiki on Fandom got closed. However the sister wiki was archived on, but it is unknown if County Polandball Wiki will be added into Miraheze.