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Ballmedia Central is the main page for the Ballmedia Foundation, a non-profit organization with a ranging community of ball-related wikis on Miraheze, with over 13,000 articles and 1,500,000 edits across all wikis.

Network Council

The members of the Network Council are Network Sysops and Network Consuls. The head of the Network Council is the Network Director, which are elected for a 6-month term.

List of Network Directors
# Director Wiki Incumbency
0 Agent Isai-icon.png Agent Isai (temp) 404-icon.png ??? October 3, 2021 - Present
List of Current Network Consuls
Consul Wiki Incumbency
Denatidum-icon.png Denatidum PCB-icon.png PCB October 3, 2021
SchizoACC-icon.png SchizoACC 404-icon.png ??? October 3, 2021
404-icon.png Dmehus 404-icon.png ??? November 14, 2021
Raidarr-icon.png Raidarr 404-icon.png Meta December 2, 2021

Currently the ranks of Network Sysops are vacant.